What is GRM


What is GRM

INDIAN COATING AND ADHESIVE TAPE ASSOCIATION is an online web-enabled redressal portal. ICATA is a vital constituent for both national and international Tape and Adhesive trading community. It is gestated to facilitate an easy platform for all ICATA members to get their grievances registered while simultaneously providing a common platform to come together to hold meetings/ exhibitions etc. to promote and enhance trade. ICATA plays a catalytic role in helping the members become visible in the global market by facilitating the community with their presence on our e-directory which contains information of all the relevant dealers, vendors and manufacturers of India.

Constructing a Grievance Redressal Mechanism is not only about fabricating an e-registration portal for lodging grievances and addressing the same received from the ICATA members; ICATA is also about building collaborative foundations for the problem resolution with various other dimensions which ingrains and postulates the right ideas for the benefit of the Association. The endeavours would include:

  • Readiness of the ICATA senior management as the proponent of the ICATA Redressal Mechanism.
  • Giving top most priority in addressing the grievance at all stages till its final stage.
  • Being transparent and provide regular feedback to the concerned ICATA members.
  • To track and analyse the issues with an eagle eye approach.

About GRM

This portal is an attempt to continuously deliver value addition to the ICATA fraternity and help the members in addressing the grievances.

The members can lodge a complaint through this platform in the easiest possible way through their mobile phone or computers. The need to be physically present at the location to file the complaint is eliminated, which saves you time and effort. Also gives an access to track your status.

The ICATA members can furnish their valuable feedback for the better resolution of the grievance and for the superior working of the ICATA. The ICATA portal is also gestated to bring all the Tape and Adhesive industry members under one roof and for promoting the industry in both domestic and international market.

I am confident the ICATA portal will deliver to the best of its abilities and the core members will transform and promote the ICATA to the desired heights. In the coming days ICATA will be one of its kind portal for the Tape and Adhesive industries.